the basics
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Symptom 1 Symptom 2
Typical chancre/sore of primary syphilis
--rubber edges, non tender
Unusual shallow, multiple chancres/sores in primary syphilis mimicking genital herpes
Symptom 3 Symptom 4
Typical chancre/sore of primary syphilis under the lip acquired through oral sex Red flat and raised lesions on chest, arms and back are typical signs of the rash of secondary syphilis.
Symptom 5 Symptom 6
Characteristic "nickel and dime" rash on palms (often soles, too) of secondary syphilis Flat, shiny areas on the tongue are mucous patches, lesions of secondary syphilis
Symptom 7  
Syphilitic warts of secondary syphilis around the anus. These lesions are highly infectious.